Off-camera flashes are not stay-at-home flashes. Their TTL function shines the brightest in challenging lighting conditions. Their cordless operation unleashes your creativity and makes it want to run free in the wild. Our comfy and portable off-camera kits are designed with this in mind.


B1 500 AirTTL To-Go Kit

Cordless, battery-powered off-camera flash with TTL. Easy to use yet powerful and versatile.


B1 500 AirTTL Location Kit

Contains 2 x B1 Off-Camera Flashes, 2 x batteries, 1 x Fast Charger 4.5A and 1 x Car Charger 1.8A, packed in a tailor-made backpack with room to fit additional gear.

Аксесоари Б1 

There is a wide range of accessories available for the Profoto Off-Camera Flash system, such as remote controls, bags and chargers. Browse through your options and compile a kit tailor-made for your photographic style and needs! Note that this section does not include the 120 Light Shaping Tools.


Profoto Air Sync

Connect this small, hand-held device to the camera’s hot shoe to trigger your flash with the shutter-release button. Can also be used as a receiver for flashes that does not have Air built-in.


Profoto Air Remote

The Air Remote includes all the functionality of the Air Sync, and then adds remote control of any flash with Air built-in to the equation.


Air Remote TTL-C

Attach this small unit to your Canon camera to wirelessly integrate your Off-Camera Flash with your camera. Has an operating range of up to 300m. (1,000ft)


Air Remote TTL-N

Attach this small unit to your Nikon camera to wirelessly integrate your Off-Camera Flash with your camera. Has an operating range of up to 300m. (1,000ft)


Battery Charger 4.5A

Fast charger that fully recharges the B1’s battery in only one hour! (The Fast Charger should not be used with the B2.)


Battery Charger 2.8A

Standard charger that fully recharges the B1’s battery in two hours and the B2’s in one hour. Note that all off-camera flash kits contain a battery charger.


Car Charger 1.8A

Plugs into a standard car cigarette connector and recharges the B1’s battery in just two hours and the B2’s in one hour. Perfect for location shoots!


Li-Ion Battery for B1

Get yourself a spare battery and save yourself the trouble of having to worry about running out of power. Provides up to 220 full-power flashes.


Backpack M

Grab our high-quality backpack and travel with comfort to your on-location shoot. Fits two B1 Off-Camera Flashes plus accessories and two stands.


Bag XS

Protects the B1 and its accessories during storage and transport. Can also house cameras, lenses and other photographic equipment.


Accessory Pouch

Useful for storing and protecting accessories such as Air Remotes, chargers and smaller camera accessories, etc.